Askeri Kamuflajlar

Military Camuflages

Military vest and backpack fabrics require camouflage printing, high tenacity and performance against abrasion and tension. For this reason, we produce vest fabrics by using ultra durable and high strength yarns.

Durability & Other Features Our military vest and backpack fabrics are made from high tenacity polyester yarns and PA yarns. These fabrics can be used securely in the most difficult fields and situations. We use the most preferred yarns such as 600 D polyester, 900 D polyester, 500 D and 1000 D PA 6.6 in our fabrics.

Considering outdoor use, we apply PU coating to make the fabrics waterproof, special surface treatment to make the fabrics water repellent.

Camouflage printed and waterproof vest & backpack fabrics are designed to be resistant to weather conditions.

Flame retardant (F / R) treatment can also be applied to fabrics upon request.

Usage High density, waterproof, coated polyester and Nylon 6.6 canvas fabrics are used in the production of military vest and backpacks. 

They are used to cover bulletproof military vest and carry ammunition and supplies in backpacks.

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