Balistik Koruyucu Plaka Seviye III

Balllistic Protective Plate Level III

Protection : Level III Stand

Made of ultra-light 100% polyethylene.

Each plate contains a high-pressure polyethylene layer

High speed bullet protection provides protection against NIJ Level III and III + defined rifle bullets, either

alone or with soft ballistics.

Level III 1.35 kg multi-shot plate NIJ 0101.06


Orthopedic, multi-slope or single-sloping design plates.

This fully curved 250 mm x 300 mm polyethylene upgrade plate provides NIJ Level III protection in

conjunction with our Level IIIA soft armour.

Typically, these weigh 1.2 – 1.6 Kg each depending on individual specification.

The following sizes are currently available:

250 mm x 300 mm Single and multi-curved

200 mm x 250 mm Single curve

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