Askeri Taktik Balistik Yelek

Military Tactical Ballistic Vest

• Shoulder / height fully adjustable

• The outer vest fabric is made of hard and heavy-duty fabric.

• Can be produced in different color or camouflage patterns according to user’s request.

• These vests provide additional protection with additional ballistic protective plates.

• Different sizes and sizes can be produced according to the wishes of the users.

• CAS Trauma shield available

• Available in various protection levels, Vests can provide level IIIA with NIJ 0101.04 and NIJ 0101.06

without additional protective plates, and up to Level IV with additional pads.

• Cordura texturized nylon finish

• Badge attachments (option to remove if not required)

• Tailored fit waist and shoulder adjustments

• Front, rear and side internal soft armour protection against heavy handguns and knives

• Stab – In house tested protection against most common knife attacks

• Fragmentation and explosion protection (NATO STANAG 2920 standard) to 500-550m/s

• Easy to remove internal panels for cleaning and replacing covers

• Advanced sweat control ventilation lining

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